Youth Infusion® is a unique drink mix specially formulated with vitamins and minerals that help give your body a boost of energy, revitalize your immune system, and replenish the vital nutrients your body needs so you can look and feel great every day.


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More Energy

  • Co-Q10 — energy on a cellular level, hence the burst
    of energy youth infusion gives you.
  • Over 30 Vitamins & Minerals
  • Free from Gluten, Sugar and GMO's

damn the can

We created a product that doesn't add to the more than 2.5 billion cans of energy drinks that are introduced into the environment every year.

Unlike sugary, caffeinated energy drinks saturating the market, Youth Infusion’s natural sources of energy won’t cause you to crash or have a difficult time sleeping.


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Who took the Youth Infusion challenge
George Hamilton

Youth Infusion is everything you need, just put it in a glass of water and drink it down. I do it twice a day! Totally stimulant free!

MORE SIZZLE — “I took 2 Youth Infusion packets a day for a week and was having a Viagra like effect and felt more energetic. I finished the box and didn’t reorder right away and soon went back to my former lack of energy. I bought another box and after 3 days I started feeling more energetic again so I’m convinced that this is a great product and will be part of my daily routine from now on.”

MORE ENERGY — “I’ve been tired for several years and sometimes had a hard time staying awake when working at my desk in the middle of the day. I’ve tried a number of products, most with caffeine, and I’d get a short burst of energy and then crash right back to dead tired again. A friend told me about Youth Infusion so I started using it in my water. I love the taste so I found myself drinking a lot more water. After a couple of weeks I suddenly realized I wasn’t tired any more in the middle of the day and quit altogether the caffeine supplements that I thought were supposed to be so energetic. Thanks for a great product.”

FEEL BETTER — "The work I do involves a lot of time behind a computer, and there's always a pot of coffee brewed in my office -- so I drank 1 or 2 cups a day, average. The first time I had a Youth Infusion I was astounded at the amount of energy it gave me. Not to mention, I felt as if I was doing my body a service... something I never experienced with coffee. There's no crash, and there's no catch. Youth Infusion is my new go to for the day because I get more done with it then without it, and I just feel better."

GOODBYE COFFEE — "I've notoriously been addicted to caffeine, even to the point where I was a gold card holder at Starbucks. Needless to say, after I was introduced to Youth Infusion, my focus turned to making sure I always have enough packets on hand. This stuff is better than coffee, hands down, for all of the energy it gives me. Now I only drink coffee every once in a while because I just don't need it anymore."

HELPING MY MOM — “I want to place another order. I miscalculated thought that I had another full box and realized that I’m out. Please have someone phone me so I can reorder quickly--thanks. My mother has dementia and Youth Infusion has been one of the great things that is helping bring her back.”

“I noticed a good change in my day and during training, I had much more energy and endurance. I have used other energy drinks but I never really saw the results I have with Youth Infusion; I can feel the change during my training and it shows in my live matches. When drinking Youth Infusion, I feel better all-around and mentally confident with a legit supplement."

"As a first time new mom, I'm up all hours of the day.. and night. I don't know what I would do without Youth Infusion to get me through."

"I love the taste! It's delicious and refreshing! I even like it better than orange juice now."

"Youth Infusion gives me a burst of energy that makes me feel like I'm in my 30's again. It's quite exhilarating, really."

"I used to drink energy drinks daily. Now, if I have Youth Infusion on me, I don't even think about them."

"I love having Youth Infusion before my workouts. I can usually go longer and my body feels stronger and more energized while I'm exercising with it. Highly recommend!"

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