Youth Infusion Ingredient Highlight:  Aspartic Acid for Health and Vitality!
Youth Infusion Ingredient Highlight: Aspartic Acid for Health and Vitality!

Aspartic acid, or L-Aspartic acid, is a non-essential amino acid and cellular energy generator that has been used to treat depression and fatigue. Large amounts are present in the brain because aspartic acid increases neurologic activity. It regulates the neuro endocrine system aiding in the creation of hormones and anti-depressive neurochemicals. It also plays a role in aiding memory and cognition.  In addition, it has been shown to increase stamina and endurance in athletes making it a stellar component Youth Infusion!

The body is able to manufacture its own supply of aspartic acid in the liver from different food sources including meats and dairy products but it can be depleted by a low protein diet and poor nutrition.  Like the many other all-natural fatigue fighting ingredients found in Youth Infusion, aspartic acid is a worker bee, playing an important role in metabolism and the synthesis of several other amino acids including arginine and lysine. This makes it instrumental in preventing amino acid deficiencies.  Finally, aspartic acid aids in the body’s system of producing glucose (sugar) when the the amount is low helping to maintain consistent levels of energy. 

Health conscious folks can get a healthy dose of aspartic acid by taking their Youth Infusion every day.  It is yet another nutrient that is more beneficial when mixed with water making Youth Infusion a perfect vehicle for getting this powerful amino acid!




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