George Hamilton's Secret to Staying Healthy

Budge and Linda Collinson on Fox and Friends Health

Mother and Son business, Infusion Sciences, showcases their first product, Youth Infusion, on Fox & Friends.

Budge Collinson Appears on WBPF

Budge Collinson, nutrition guru, provides hydration tips of the hot days of summer.

Meet the Collinsons

Linda and Budge Collinson are a mother and son team who share a passion for natural wellness.

Benefits of Youth Infusion

Drink Youth Infusion! This heart-healthy formula has 35 essential vitamins an minerals, in a refreshing citrus drink.

KTLA5 News with George Hamilton

In this KTLA 5 News video clip, renowned actor George Hamilton talks about his current projects, including Youth Infusion.


George Hamilton 

George Hamilton talks about his stressful career and how Youth Infusion helps to deliver the essential nutrients lacking in todays food supply.

Budge Collinson on WBFF Fox 45

Budge Collinson - Youth Infusion and tips on natural energy!

CBS 12 News: Son is Mom's Boss in New Company!

CBS 12 News reporter Gary Widom talks with Budge Collinson and his mother Linda Collinson about the insights they've gained working together in Infusion Sciences .

George Hamilton on the Fox Business Network

Appearing on the Fox Business Network's program, "Money with Melissa Francis", legendary actor George Hamilton talks to Melissa about "secret to the fountain of youth", his pet project, Youth Infusion.